Island Wars

Island Wars 2.78

Multiple gametypes, bonuses, improved AI, and a great graphics engine
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Island Wars is a new simulation game where you will take a trip to the South Pacific Ocean.
Crystal clear waters, blue skies and lots of sun will surround you.
Then you will see two islands. The inhabitants of both are really into fighting against each other in a battle to destroy the other's palm trees.
You will be at the command of a canyon in one of the islands.
Suddenly, balloons begin to drop around you, carrying mortal bombs that will destroy all your palm trees.
Your mission is to destroy them in mid-air, before they can release their deadly cargo.
You achieve this aiming very carefully with your canyon and firing at will.
If you destroy all the objects in the screen, a new wave of balloons appears, adding airplanes that will try to destroy your trees too.
Every new wave will bring a new enemy object.
But you are not defenseless. Every time you finish with all your enemies, you acquire a new and deadlier weapon to fight back.
If all your palm trees get destroyed, the game is over and you lose.
This is a very simple but addictive game that will surely keep you playing for hours in a row.
You can play by yourself, or against the computer, or against a friend.
You can even team up with a friend and fight against the computer.
There are different skill levels to satisfy novice players as well as pros.
So get ready to fire some cannon balls and start destroying the palm trees.

Fernando Soni
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